Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK!

Wolfe will show you… 

How to motivate others - what do your employees really want? 

The secret to reaching goals - success is built on one small step at a time

How to manage more effectively - think it's the money? They want appreciation! 

How to make a good impression - are you conveying that they're making one on you?

The real power of association - don't waller with the pigs...

The proper way to criticize & praise - remember to sandwich!

How to break the fear barrier - if you knew you'd be all right, would you still fear? 

How to handle criticism - a good self-image keeps one's ego from being on the line.

And how to master the one & only thing they can control!


How to Publish and Promote Your Book Now!

Wolfe will show you:

How to prepare for your publishing path while writing

What’s the best path to take? The pros and cons of both traditional and self publishing

How to set up a publishing company - business structure and resources

How to format and prepare a book - from cover art to interior design

What is the best way to distribute? - both print and eBooks

Setting up for promotions - how to find your target audience

Establishing contacts - from reviewers to websites to the media

How to get reviews - where and what to send

Mastering the online world - blogs, social sites, forums, etc.

Opportunities to sell books - retail, online, and conferences

How to take advantage of all options - from bookmarks to book trailers